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May 22nd, 2008

pleasant_muse @ 10:33 pm: Okay, tuff question
I want to know how I can download and view previous episodes of this show. Especially the Star Wars 2-hour show. Is there a site or torrent that works?

I'm referring to the US version with Howie Mandel.

(there doesn't seem to be a DoND LJ community that's active)

November 24th, 2006

jeb @ 10:27 pm: Deal or No Deal PC game

Earlier this month, a Deal or No Deal game was released for PC in the US. Obviously, it's based on the US version of the TV show, so the chances of an Australian release are minute... but I'm sure you know where to go if you're that desperate to play it.

I've just played the game a few times and I guess it's exactly what you'd expect, but it's pretty well done. There's a few Flash games out there of various international versions of Deal which are nice distractions for a few minutes, but this game is much more lavish in terms of presentation. If you're a Deal fan, you could happily play it over and over without getting bored - the atmosphere of the US show is very well captured..

Of course, we all know Deal is rather a simple game at its core, so there's a few useless extras tacked on - notably the "advisors" who appear in the US version of the TV show, and incredibly dull minigames (mostly Deal-themed versions of Memory, shuffle picture games, etc). But - if you're a fan, it's worth the download. Er, I mean, purchase. (Hey, I'd happily buy an Australian version!)

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October 28th, 2006

jeb @ 08:36 pm: Deal or No Deal 2007
I went along to a taping of Deal yesterday, it was the last taping of shows for 2006. They also taped two pilot episodes for new versions of the show in 2007, which was pretty interesting...

They explained that they are playing around with a number of changes to the show next year, and wanted to tape these pilots to see how well the new ideas worked.

It looks like they are definitely getting rid of the 3 questions at the start of the game. They don't think it is a fair way to choose contestants and want it to be more random. One variance they taped to replace this, had 26 people in each block, so no extra 26th contestant needed to be chosen. They just said "The block playing on is Block 5... and only one contestant from Block 5 has a chance at the $200,000...." then they'd announce a random name from that block who would be the main player of the game. It was really confusing when they taped the pilots though, everyone in the block was looking around trying to work out who the person was that got announced.

The other method we saw did away with the six blocks completely. They just started the show with 26 contestants already on the podium, and someone was randomly picked.

There were also hidden megaguesses inside cases. It was also mentioned the set and cases will probably have brand new designs next year, more like the European versions of the show. Another new addition were 4 or 5 actual prizes (not cash) on the board - everything from a holiday towards the top of the board, to a pair of stockings near the bottom of the board (they mentioned the booby prize would change around every day if they went ahead with this).

It is much more difficult to get picked on the show than I imagined. They tape 5 shows at a time, so I figured 5 out of 6 podiums would get called up to play the game - 5 in 6 isn't bad odds. However, it's actually 5 in 9 (or even worse odds, depending on when you are allowed into the studio). When the winning block moves up to the podium, 26 more contestants are brought into the studio to fill the block they were sitting in. The block number selection really is totally random, they do it all with ping pong balls out of a box before the show.

Andrew was asked where "boo-yeah" came from... he said when the audience asks him this, he normally just says it's totally meaningless and something stupid. But because it was the last taping of the year, he would tell us the real story behind it :-)

The crew of the show brainstorm new ideas for the show at the end of each year. At the end of the first season of the show, the crew was out drinking at a pub, and one guy had an idea they could have an audience chant for every single case number - eg "Legs 11", "22, two ducks in a pond", etc. They were drunk enough to come up with ideas for every number... then when they got to 26 they were stumped. Behind them, a guy playing the pokies at the pub won big and said to himself "...boooooyeah". That's where it came from! Apparently a very big injoke amongst the crew.

The studio is TINY. As in, TV sets always look tinier in real life than on TV, but this set is absolutely TIIIINY. Think of about 18 people sitting in a row, add a little bit of space on either side, and you get an idea of how big it is.

One of the shows I saw - the guy had a car and $200,00 case, with a $110,000 offer. He said no deal, and went home with the car. Sucker! Atmosphere at the show was great though.

To be honest I wouldn't recommend going along because the odds are only about 1% that you'll get to play the game, and I was ready to go home after the first three episode recordings... it is a very long day (there are 10 minute breaks between the block being selected (they have to move everyone from the audience to the podium, which takes forever; then another 10 minute break after the case is selected and they have to move the cases onto the podium while security manages the whole process... very boring). Plus the audience seats are shocking, my arse is still hurting over 24 hours later!! I guess it was fun though...

According to the rule sheet I had to sign, if you get "Double or Nothing" after you win a car, you can win two cars! Yet to see that on the show ;-)

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August 7th, 2006

daleboyben @ 11:02 pm: end of double deal friday
Just been catching up on my Deal or No Deal from last week.

Last Friday was the last Double Deal Friday. At the end of Fridays episode he said there was a "bank or breifcase" promotion coming soon to keep an eye out for it.

Does anyone know what this is? Sounds fun. Incidently I haven't seen any episodes this week so if it has been explain can someone fill me in?

July 11th, 2006

daleboyben @ 11:56 pm: Last Week's Double Deal Friday
I was just catching up on last week's Double Deal Friday episiode and the guy's girlfriend took home a megaguess of $10000 so when he pushed it further than he normally would have and basically he went home with a breifcase of $1, which they double or nothing and he doubled it to $2. It was actually quite cool to watch.

How unlucky would you feel to be the person who got picked to be the Double Dealer at home... to finally be picked only to win $2 man thats got to suck. I reckon the bank should always ensure that the Double Dealer walks away $500 or something. I mean how much would the bank be making from those 55cents?

May 30th, 2006

daleboyben @ 05:37 pm: I have never seen a first round go so bad ever!
Oh the poor guy.

In the first round knocked out the $200 000, $100 000, and the $75 000 and just got a bank offer of just $3...

You have to admit thats kinda crap and he picked his breifcase based on his friends psychic prediction which said breifcase 3 would have the money, well he got the 3 alright a first bank offer for $3. haha. If that was me my friend ship would be kinda going sour at that point. haha.

April 13th, 2006

jeb @ 05:53 pm: Very, very no deal
Tonight's contestant set a record for lowest deal ever offered: 70 cents.

April 12th, 2006

atemu_girl @ 05:33 pm: *dies laughing*
Anyone watching Deal at the moment? The contestant said "No Deal" even before the first offer was on the table (!)

Talk about jumping the gun!!

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March 29th, 2006

jeb @ 06:18 pm: The "loophole" episode...
...was on today. I wouldn't really call it a loophole so much as dodgy.

The contestant had about 4 cases left, all under $150. A $5000 megaguess came up - the guy said if someone got the megaguess and promised him $2000 of their prize, he'd let them have it. One woman said she'd do it, and got the Megaguess correct...

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